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What's inside the library?

  • Collections from your favourite Authors.
  • Books of your own choices
  • Personalized books based on your taste
  • Intriguing Reference and Coffee Table Books
  • Best sellers from your preferred Genres
  • Top trending Books
  • Surprise freebies on every Subscription
  • Books to discover your book tastes

How it Works?

Choose your subscription
Tell us what you like to read, to watch, your favourite authors, Genres, etc.
We Curate your personalized library
With the books you chose and the ones we suggest whom you’d like to read
Get it installed and start reading
Tell us how you liked and what you didn’t to improve your personalisation further on the next set.

Why Your Home Library

Change your habit, Change your environment”. With more books of your taste in the shelf, you are most likely to pick reading every day and develop the habit
If you are a voracious reader you are provided with an opportunity to explore other books which will suit your taste and discover new interests, genres and authors to read more
Soul Food
Get the enjoyment of reading at the comfort of your home. You need not search for THE BOOK you want to read. We got it handled to provide the books you’ll like.
Learn to Read and Read to Learn”, to keep growing and improving in all aspects of life such as personal, health, career, emotional and spiritual

Skills we focus for children

Cognitive Skills
Reading skill
Listening Skill
Language Expression
Brain Exercise
Why Thinking
Reasoning Ability
Procedural thinking
Eye-Hand Coordination

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, for any subscription you take you have an option to choose 10% of the books your own choice. The other books will be curated based on age groups and interests.

It is based on how much you want to. We can provide libraries starting from 10 number to 500+ numbers. You can select the number of books which will be suitable for you. You can change the books in intervals of 2,3,4 and 6 intervals based on your reading speed.

Yes absolutely. Once you have read the books you can return while you get the next set installed. However, we also have a library plan where you can own the books and still get more books for adding more to your library.

We have an extensive inventory of more than 5 Lakh + titles catering to all age groups. We have more than 30+ years of experience with subject matter experts and book consultants who are qualified to suggest books based on the reading style, age groups etc. We have research backed data on the reading behaviours across different readers in different age groups. We have provided library consulting services for small personal libraries to public, private and school libraries.

What People are saying?

All great leaders are readers

we at Sano always believed that everyone's a reader, and we always tried to imbibe this habit into ourselves and our students. Thanks to the amazing initiative by Preloved Books, they just made it easier for us! We finally have our own little library.


Founder of Sano Nutrition

Nothing special in running a cafe without books

I knocked on the door of Pre-loved books to fulfil this concept and I found it right. I'm thankful to the Consulting team who took extra care for selecting the right books for my cafe. Now my customers are really engaging and it has been so helpful for us to maintain the wait time of the orders.


Drunken Monkey

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